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The Tab breaks the biggest stories on campus. We started at Cambridge University in 2009 with the mission to publish news students care about in a style they want to read. We’re now a global news network read by millions of people a month, with offices in New York and London.

What makes us unique is our mix of original local reporting and global reach. Our campus editorial teams deliver bold, fearless and entertaining journalism to readers at their universities. Then we help those stories find a much wider audience.

There are a number of ways you can get involved -- writing stories, shooting video, taking pictures. Let’s get started.

Our industry connections

We have hired more than 50 of our student contributors to work for us in our New York and London offices. Over 100 of our alumni now work in the national media in the UK and US, and we’ve helped hundreds more of our students find internships. Former Tab editors are working for the BBC, the Guardian, TIME, VICE, NBC, BuzzFeed, Bloomberg and The Times.

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