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Who we are

The Tab was founded by three students at Cambridge University in 2009 as an antidote to dry university newspapers. Since then it has grown into a global news network with 8 million monthly readers and offices in New York and London.

We have teams of writers at 100 of the leading universities in the US and UK, breaking stories and making videos that are seen around the world.

To join us, pitch your first story idea on the next page and an editor from your university will be in touch.

We break real stories

What makes us unique is our mix of local reporting and global reach. Our university editorial teams deliver bold, fearless and entertaining journalism to readers on their campuses. And then we push the biggest stories out to a much wider audience. Last year Tab stories appeared across the media, including The New York Times, BuzzFeed and the BBC.

Some of our best contributors write for our sister site babe, the fastest-growing women’s magazine on the internet, and join projects like Voices of Color, which recently had reporters accredited at the White House.

Our industry connections

We hire our best people when they graduate, and so do some of the world’s leading media companies. We’ve placed over 100 students directly into jobs in the media, and helped hundreds more find internships. Ellie Pithers, one of our first editors, is now Fashion Features Editor at British Vogue, and other former Tab editors are working for Reuters, VICE, The Sunday Times, BuzzFeed and the Daily Mail.

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